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An online dispensary where quality, variety, and affordability meet – welcome to MOM’s Online Dispensary Canada! Your choice for top shelf cannabis and premium AAAA weed, our selection is curated to offer the absolute best to every cannabis connoisseur.

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Best Online Dispensary Canada 2023 Reddit: Why MOMs Stands Out

Among the multitude of mail order marijuana dispensaries, MOMs stands out as Canada’s premier online weed dispensary, a distinction gained through steadfast dedication to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. We know quality cannabis and only stock top quality cannabis products. Reach out and follow us on reddit if you want to know our current staff favourites!

Mail Order Marijuana (MOM): The Convenient Choice

MOM serves more than 40% of Canadians who choose online dispensaries due to their unmatched convenience, wide variety, and attractive pricing.

Cheapest Online Dispensary Canada: Amazing Deals For Premium Cannabis

Discover unbeatable deals, including a 20% discount on your first order and points with every purchase when you sign up. Our referral program and ongoing deals make us one of the cheapest online dispensaries in Canada for premium cannabis and ounce deals.

Online Weed Dispensary Canada: A Diverse Range Of Product

Explore a wide selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more. Every product is meticulously selected to ensure top-notch quality and potency.

Canada Online Dispensary: Product Quality and Variety

Step into MOMs dispensary world, where top shelf BC cannabis and the best edibles in Canada converge, creating an exceptional and unparalleled shopping experience for cannabis connoisseurs.

Online Dispensary Canada No Card: Hassle-Free Shopping

Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with no medical card required. Simply sign up and only use a single ID to verify age. With our user-friendly platform, getting your favourite products has never been easier.

Online Dispensary Canada Wholesale: Bulk Deals

For those seeking wholesale purchases, look no further. Our competitive prices and bulk deals are tailored to meet all your needs. Contact us for any bulk deal coupon code inquries on premium cannabis.

Online Cannabis Dispensary Canada: Educational Insights

Stay informed with our regularly updated blog, offering insights and education on all things cannabis, cementing our status as a leading online cannabis dispensary Canada. We keep you informed with blog posts such as: Top 25 BC Weed Strains, Best Craft Cannabis, Top Strains To Help With Depression, Hard To Get Rare Strains, Strongest and Most Potent Indica Strains, Best Strains To Boost Productivity, Top Magic Mushrooms To Try, Top Strains For Mood DisordersBest Concentrates in Canada, Top Strains For Anxiety, Guide to Indica Cannabis, How To Smoke Hash, Best Stains For Pain and Fatigue, A Guide To CBD, Benefits of CBD Oil, Top Edibles in Canada, and lots more Cannabis Culture Knowledge! 

Online Dispensary Canada Reviews: Hear From Our Happy Customers

Our customer reviews speak volumes of our quality and service. Honest, transparent feedback ensures you make informed choices. See reviews on each product or on our google profile. All our reviews are from verified customers!

Online Marijuana Dispensary Canada: Your Trusted Source

MOM’s dedication to quality, variety, and affordability makes it the most trusted online dispensary Canada for all your marijuana needs. See our reviews on Truspilot and other a-credited review platform.

Online Dispensary Canada BC: Sourced from the Best

With products sourced from British Columbia’s finest growers, experience the epitome of quality and potency that sets our online dispensary Canada BC apart. See our top 25 BC Weed Strains.

Online Dispensary Canada Edibles: Flavour and Euphoria

Our online edible dispensary in Canada promises not just a feast for your taste buds but also a potent experience that lingers.  Dive into our vast array of edibles that promise both flavour and flair. From gummies and chocolates to cookies and tinctures, our online dispensary in Canada ensures each edible delivers a unique taste and unmatched potency. Explore, enjoy, and experience the finest in edible artistry.

Online Dispensary Canada Free Shipping: Discreet Delivery

Take advantage of complimentary shipping on orders over $150, ensuring your selected items are delivered promptly and securely to your doorstep. We partner with Canada Post for reliable and timely delivery, and all orders are sent in discreet packaging to ensure your privacy and peace of mind. Read more in our “How to Buy Weed Online FAQ

Online Dispensary Canada Concentrates: Purity And Quality

Explore a range of concentrates, each processed to ensure purity and potency. Your quest for the finest online dispensary Canada concentrates ends at MOM.

Online Dispensary Canada Hash: Traditional and Potent

Explore an exquisite range of hash varieties at our store. From the spicy and aromatic Moroccan to the smooth and potent Afghani, each type offers a distinct, rich experience catered to the refined palate of a true cannabis aficionado. Our Online Hash Dispensary has new hash added every week. 

Online Dispensary Canada Promo Code: Savings On Every Purchase

Savings meet quality with our online dispensary promo codes. Every purchase not only brings you closer to top-tier cannabis products but also ensures an economical shopping experience. Don’t forget, we have points and rewards for every purchase!

The Mom Experience

MOM’s Online Dispensary Canada is not just a store, its a community for cannabis enthusiasts. Each product, deal, and piece of content is crafted with the customer at the core, ensuring an unmatched cannabis shopping experience every time.

How to Pick the Right Online Dispensary

Joining MOM’s Online Dispensary means stepping into a world where quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We have spent years studying the cannabis market and listening to our community to provide the best shopping experience for everyone.

We have identified a few key areas to consider when choosing an online dispensary. If you’re thinking about joining us, these areas will highlight the benefits you’ll enjoy. If we aren’t the right fit for you, this guide will still help you find a dispensary that meets your needs.

Core Values

It’s essential to choose a dispensary whose values match yours, as every purchase supports their business and growers.


A good dispensary values your feedback and uses it to make improvements. With the cannabis industry changing rapidly, it’s crucial to have a voice in shaping its future.

Community Forums

These are places to share insights and experiences. Since everyone’s needs are different, getting advice from others can be very helpful.

Product Variety

At MOM’s Online Dispensary, we’re always adding new items to our selection, including the latest and greatest in flowers, concentrates, edibles, and other cannabis products, all tested for quality.

Quality Assurance

Trust is key when shopping online. We thoroughly check all products in a strict quality control process to ensure you’re getting the best.

Helpful Staff

Our customer service team is knowledgeable about cannabis products and ready to provide information and assistance.

Putting Customers First

We value our customers and aim to build strong relationships with the cannabis community to ensure smooth operations and future growth. Expect top-notch customer service every time.

Live Chat Support

We’re here to help with any questions or concerns every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST via live chat.

Privacy Protection

We only use your personal information to confirm your membership following a strict screening process.

Security Measures

We take extra steps to make sure your confidential information is kept safe and secure.

Background Checks

We conduct thorough checks to ensure our products are sent to individuals who need medical cannabis, ensuring personalized service for everyone.

Our best coupon codes for first time Online Dispensary Deals

If you’re venturing into online dispensaries for the first time and wish to cut costs on your initial purchase, we’ve got you covered. Obtain these exclusive promo codes for an array of products simply by registering or following us on Reddit.

Save $25 On Your First Order

Get an instant $25 account credit the moment you register with MOM’s Online Dispensary. No coupon required! Plus, enjoy complimentary shipping for orders above $150. If you wish to accumulate those points for later use, feel free!

Use MOMs Online Dispensary Code MOM20 on your first order and save 20%

Choose to use this code for a 20% discount on your initial purchase, retaining your points for future orders. This offer is exclusive to first-time buyers.

Use Online Dispensary Code MOM15 on your next order to save 15%

New clients can apply this code to any of their first five orders for a 15% discount. Note that this offer cannot be combined with points redemption.

Save Up to 15% On MOM’s Online Dispensary with Product Reviews

After your purchase and receipt of your cannabis item, leave a review and receive a unique code via email. Only authenticated reviews will be rewarded, and we encourage genuine feedback. A reminder email will be sent post-purchase to remind you to share your thoughts!

Save 15% On Edibles with Online Dispensary Code EDB15

Whether you’re a new or returning customer, use this exclusive code to slash 15% off the price of all edibles including THC gummies, Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars, and more.

Save 15% On Concentrates from MOMs Online Dispensary with Coupon Code CC15

Members can apply this one-off code to earn a 15% discount on an array of concentrates, from Shatter to THC Syringe, and more.

Save 10% On Hash From MOM’s Online Dispensary with Promo Code HH10

Use this unique code for a one-time 10% discount on selected hash products. This offer cannot be merged with others.

Save 10% On Mushrooms with Online Dispensary Promo Code MR10

Apply code MR10 at checkout for a one-time 10% saving on all dried mushrooms and mushroom-infused edibles.

Save 15% on all Cannabis Flowers with MOM’s Online Dispensary Promo Code CF15

Take advantage of this one-time code for a 15% discount on a wide variety of cannabis strains. This offer cannot be combined with others and excludes OZ Bags.

Save 5% On All Ounce Bags. Use Dispensary Code OZ5 at MOM’s Online Dispensary

Enjoy a 5% discount on our value-priced OZ bags with the one-time use code OZ5.

Get An OZ for $60

New members are welcomed with a special $60 OZ deal upon registration and purchase of the current OZ offer.

Save 10% On Vaporizers with MOM’s Dispensary Code VP10

Use code VP10 for a one-time 10% discount on our extensive range of vaporizer products, excluding the buy 3 get the 4th free offer.

Save 15% ON CBD Oil, CBD Edibles & CBD Gummies with Promo Code CBD15

A one-time 15% discount on all CBD products, including Releaf CBD and Herb Angels offerings, with code CBD15.

Online Dispensary Promo Code Reddit

Receive a 5% discount by simply following us on Reddit and sending a confirmation email or message. This one-time offer is exclusively for MOM’s dispensary patrons.

Consumer Education With MOM's Online Dispensary

Consumer education is paramount in the context of cannabis dispensaries in Canada, a country that has navigated the complexities accompanying the legalisation of cannabis. As consumers are presented with an array of products and consumption methods, there arises an urgent need for precise and comprehensive information dissemination.

Variety and Choice

The Canadian cannabis market is flooded with a variety of products for both recreational and medicinal purposes. This plethora of options accentuates the necessity for consumers to be well-informed about the distinct effects, applications, and legalities associated with each type of product and strain. At Mom’s Dispensary, we provide helping product descriptions and detailed information about each product and strain to ensure you know exactly what you are purchasing and its intended effets. 

Role of Dispensaries

Dispensaries are at the forefront of the educational journey for consumers. They are equipped with trained professionals and are committed to offering not just high-quality cannabis products, but also reliable information to ensure safe and informed consumption. These establishments bridge the gap between the complex world of cannabis and the everyday consumer, demystifying aspects like dosing, strain effects, and legal considerations.

Focus on Safety and Responsibility

Education in this sector is meticulously tailored to instill an understanding of the legal, health, and safety aspects of cannabis consumption. It underscores the importance of responsible usage, acquainting consumers with their rights and obligations, and elucidating the health and safety protocols necessary for an enriched cannabis experience.

Digital Advancements

The role of technology is undeniable in bolstering consumer education. A surge in online resources, including websites, virtual consultations, and digital content, has made credible information accessible. This digital revolution in information dissemination aids consumers in making informed choices, ensuring safety and compliance with legal standards.

The Knowledge You Need at MOMs Dispensary

In essence, consumer education in Canada’s cannabis dispensaries is integral, reflecting the nation’s dedication to anchoring the integration of legal cannabis in principles of safety, informed choices, and responsible consumption. The collective effort of dispensaries, regulatory bodies, and digital platforms ensures that consumers are well-equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricate world of cannabis responsibly and safely.

Summary of MOM's Online Dispensary Canada:

MOM’s Online Dispensary Canada is a premier online platform for cannabis enthusiasts, offering a wide range of top-quality cannabis products. Our selection, which includes flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more, is curated to cater to the preferences of every cannabis connoisseur. 

MOM is recognized for its dedication to quality, variety, and affordability. They offer attractive deals, discounts, and an informative blog that educates consumers about various cannabis-related topics. The dispensary’s user-friendly platform ensures a hassle-free shopping experience with no medical card required. They prioritize customer satisfaction, safety, and education, ensuring that every customer has a positive and informed shopping experience.

Online Dispensary FAQ

MOM's Online Dispensary is a trusted online platform where you can purchase top-quality cannabis products in Canada.
MOM stands out due to its steadfast dedication to quality, variety, affordability, and customer satisfaction.
No, you can enjoy a seamless shopping experience with no medical card. Just sign up and verify your age with a single ID.
MOM offers a 20% discount on your first order, points with every purchase, and a variety of promo codes for different products.
MOM's products are sourced from British Columbia’s finest growers, ensuring top-notch quality and potency.
Yes, MOM regularly updates its blog, offering insights and education on various cannabis topics.
New members can obtain exclusive promo codes for various products by registering or following MOM on Reddit.
Every product is meticulously selected to ensure quality and potency. They also have a strict quality control process in place.
Consumer education ensures safe and informed consumption, acquaints consumers with their rights and obligations, and clarifies health and safety protocols.
Digital advancements like online resources, virtual consultations, and digital content make credible information accessible, aiding consumers in making informed choices.
By choosing MOM’s Online Dispensary Canada, you’re stepping into a world of top-quality cannabis products, unbeatable deals, and an educational journey that ensures informed and safe consumption.
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